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[Shaanxi Daily] Shaanxi Land Construction: Focus on land engineering science and technology innovation and protect food safety

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June 25 is National Land Day。The theme of the National Land Day this year is "Save the intensive land and strictly keep the cultivated land red line"。In recent years,Shaanxi Land Construction Group actively practiced "Tibetan food、Tibetan food "strategy" strategy,Give full play mobileto the advantages of land engineering practice and scientific research technology,Deploy an innovation chain around the industrial chain、The industrial chain of the innovation chain layout,Actively participate in the construction of high -standard farmland in the province,Promoting high -yield and efficient farmland、Agricultural Smart Smart。

In terms of the protection and quality improvement of cultivated land,Shaanxi Land Construction Group established the China Yangling Konland Protection and Quality Improvement Innovation Center and the Sino -Shaanxi High -standard Farmland Construction Group,Constructing the province's first "basic research+technical research+engineering construction" full -chain high -standard farmland construction technical system; 2022 fully completed the province's first batch of 80,000 acres of high standard farmland construction demonstration projects,Implement "Treasures of the year、Construction of the year、Acceptance of that year、The demonstration effect of the results of the year ",During the project implementation process,For the first time to conduct a comprehensive development of cultivated land quality for the project area,Proved the obstacle factors of the improvement of the quality of cultivated land,Realize "one place, one strategy" and "one district multi -strategy"; build the largest arable land soil library in the country,Completed nearly 120,000 soil samples across the country and more than 1,000 soil section collection。

At the same time,Shaanxi Land Construction Group deep cultivation "hard technology",Create a high -end scientific research platform,Continuously strengthening in -depth integration of industry -university -research,Cumulative investment of nearly 1 billion yuan has successively established the country's first postdoctoral research station in the dafabet logincountry with the research direction、High -end scientific research platform clusters such as the Land Engineering Technology Innovation Center of Natural Resources,and 8 field scientific observation research stations、6 scientific research bases,Focus on the transformation of low -production fields、Obstacle factor elimination、Key technologies such as comprehensive remediation and utilization of dirty farmland。Relying on the platform,The Group undertakes a number of national and provincial -level scientific research projects,In recent years,26 items of science and technology awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level、More than 370 items approved for intellectual property,Provides strong discipline support and intellectual guarantee for the development of land engineering technology。

Following the needs of national strategy and industrial development,Shaanxi Land Construction Group's research and development with the "Pure Land Project" as the core,Created "Comprehensive Land Comprehensive Remediation、Promote the new mode of comprehensive development of urban renewal,Created the Four Seasons Health City of the Ishikawa River、Chenggu Binjiang New Town and other new types of urbanization projects that benefit the people and the people。The Group also uses the main food production area、Focus on the Reserve Resources Zone of Irrigation and Cultivation Land,A target to create a trinity environment for "industrial ecology+natural ecology+residential ecology",Combined with the actual endowment of agricultural zones and cultivated land resources,Implementation of comprehensive remediation of the global land,Help the county economy to improve quality and efficiency。