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Provincial Factory Affairs Public Democratic Management Research 2 Mutual Inspection Team to the Group for inspection and guidance

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August 15,The twelfth province's factory affairs open democratic management second mutual inspection team went to the group to inspect and guide the work of public democratic manager。


This inspection mainly takes field inspections、Listen to the report、Hold a symposium、Checking information, etc.。The second mutual inspection team visited the major exhibition halls of the group,Go to the home of the union employee、Investigation for the Medical Office,and communicate with union service work。Subsequent,The second mutual inspection team organized a symposium,Detailed reports of the work of the group's factory affairs public democratic supervisor carefully,Consult the relevant information。


The second mutual inspection team gives a high affirmation of the results of the group union in the work of public democracy in the factory of the factory.。The mutual inspection team believes,Group Factory Affairs Public Democratic Management Work Party Committee attaches importance to、distinctive features、Rich in content,Realized full coverage of union dafabet loginorganizations and union members,Significant work results。Group Trade Union said,will take this inspection as an opportunity,Continue to consolidate the foundation of the work of disclosure of the factory affairs,Continuous enhancement of sense of responsibility and mission,Taking reform and innovation as the power,Constantly improve the level of democratic management,Contribute to the Group's high -quality development。