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The Group adds more provincial employee bookstore demonstration sites

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Recently,Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions issued "Naming 2023 Shaanxi Provincial Workers' Book House Demonstration Point、Advanced typical notice of employee bookstores and employee bookstores ",Yan'an Branch employee bookstore was rated "2023 Shaanxi Provincial Workers' Book House Demonstration Point"、Construction Nanshan (Fuping) Boutique Hotel Workers 'Book House was named "Shaanxi Province Workers' Bookstore in 2023"。

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In recent years,The Group Trade Union has always regarded the construction of employees as an important measure for the construction of employees' ideological and cultural positions,Combining the construction of bookstores with improving the ability of employees,Create "multi -reading in the group system、Read a good book、Good atmosphere of reading ",Stimulates the entrepreneurial vitality of employee officers。In the future, the group union will continue to give full play to the employee bookstore as a leading position for dafabet mobile appemployees、Quality improvement platform、Cultural living space、Important functions of comprehensive service venues,Make greater contributions to the high -quality development of the enterprise。