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【Mass News Network】 The Shaanxi Provincial Trading Troupe exposed the "Cove" transcript concentrated signing project 22 total amount 8.16 billion yuan

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Newspaper (Reporter Xiao Qian) November 6,At the Shaanxi Provincial Procurement and Investment Briefing Meeting,Shaanxi Provincial Trading Group and Germany、dafabet mobile loginFrance、Swiss、Singapore、Austrian exhibitors and other countries signed a total of 16 contract procurement contract items,Purchasing amount 6.1 billion yuan。

This meeting,Our province signed a total of 22 contract procurement and investment contract items、Total amount 8.16 billion yuan。

For the contract to go to the blog,Our province has formed more than 1,800 corporate units、Trading group composed of more than 5400 people,Including relevant state -owned enterprises、Medical and Health、Scientific research institution、Medical and Health、Private Enterprise、6 professional groups in business circulation and 12 municipal (district) trading group。After the early in -depth docking and transaction matching,72 companies and units clear the procurement intention,It mainly involves food and agricultural products、Smart and high -end equipment category、Raw materials、Automobile and electronic products、Chemical industry、Medical Devices and Medicine Care Category。

Xi'anbang Qi Oil Technology Co., Ltd. and Yingtai International (Singapore) Co., Ltd. signed a 3 billion yuan large commodity (imported yellow soybean) project procurement order。This is the largest order for Shaanxi enterprises to purchase at the Expo.。

"Big hand to purchase,It is due to the large market demand in our province,We need to ensure the stable supply of oil。"Zhu Xiaodong, Chairman of Xi'anbang Qi Oil Technology Co., Ltd. said,"From the first to the sixth session,I come to the Expo every year。This platform broaden our procurement channel,reduced purchasing costs,Help us improve soybean processing capabilities。”

dafabet casino mobile app。The company's deputy general manager Sun Zenghui said: "Switzerland Voliditz Company mainly develops microbial bacteria。This bacteria can improve soil fertility,Promote soil improvement,Help land repair。This cooperation,We not only buy products,Also ‘go out’,Joint scientific research with international advanced enterprises、Product,Contribute to the construction of high -standard farmland in our province。”

During the Expo,Our province also organizes the heads of cities (districts) governments to lead the investment team to participate,and exhibitors、Interactive exchange of investors。

Purchasing and Investment Briefing Meeting,Shaanxi Provincial Trading Troupe signed a contract with 6 companies to invest in 6 companies,Total amount 2.06 billion yuan。Introduction to Men Xuelong, Director of the International Investment Promotion Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce,The investment project signed in the contract includes the Tayos Fu Automobile Parts Project、High -level autonomous driving new energy commercial vehicle manufacturing center project、100 MW wind power project, etc.。

"100 MW wind power project landing Jiaxian County,It will effectively drive local economic and social development。After the project is completed,Total income of power generation will reach 1.579 billion yuan,It can also drive employment。"Ren Junjun, director of Jiaxian China Merchants Service Center。

"To encourage enterprises to come to Shaanxi to invest in Xingye,Policies issued by our province,From import discount、Election guarantee、Tax discounts, increase support,Continuously expand opening to the outside world。"Men Xuelong said。