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Construction of Guantian Company Party Committee jointly carried out theme party day activities

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A deep memory of the hero first,Inheritance red gene,April 10,Construction of Guantian Company's Party Committee United Group Quality Technology Department、Legal Audit Department、The Party Branch of the Company Governance Department went to the British Railway Yinglie Memorial Hall to carry out the theme party day event of "Nanny of the History of the Party History of the Party"。

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Party members and cadres can be used to admire the Bao Tian Railway Martyrs Monument,Visit the Yinglie Memorial Hall,Recalling the years from a revolutionary cultural relic、Revisiting the heroic story,Deep understanding of the revolutionary ancestors to build the Baotian Railway、Immortal deeds to build the heroic dedication of the Great Northwest。After the event is over,Everyone said,To inherit and carry forward the "Listen to the Party Command、Slap Mountain Roadbuilding、Gan sprinkle blood、benefit dafabet casino mobile appthe people "Baotian Spirit,Let the heroic monument stand in the heart,Let the Revolutionary Spirit Fire passed on,Contribute to promoting the high -quality development of various tasks。