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The Party Committee of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company organizes the theme party day event

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April 16,The Party Committee of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company organized all party members to go to the water ecological environmental protection warning education center of Yiyi District,Carry out "Based on the Case,In the case of Ming Ji,Learning Party Ji,Defending Line "warning education theme party day activity。

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All party members and cadres visited in turn and learned "water out of the Qinling", "Shuirun Yiyi", "Shi Shi Shi Lan", "Water Jian Qingfeng", "Water Clear turbidity", "Shui Bicheng Xing"。The explanator has deeply analyzed the typical cases and negative lists of destruction of water ecological environment investigated and dealt with in recent years。Typical cases of observation through close range,All party members deeply feel the harm of corruption in the construction of the party's clean government and the governance of ecological environment,Deeply realized that discipline is the ruler of the party governing the party,It is also the standard and follow the standards of mobileparty members to restrict their behavior。Everyone said,To learn the lessons in the case,Consciously obey the rules,Strict requirements、Strict measures are reflected in daily work,Delivery,Integrity and self -discipline,Forever party members to be honest and honest。