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The Party Branch of the Guangtai Consulting Company jointly carried out the theme party day event

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April 17,The Party Branch of the Party Branch of Guangtai Consulting Company Organ Branch and the Party Branch of the Personal Defense Design Institute to go to the Malaysian Revolutionary Base of the Malaysia Revolution in Xunyi County to carry out theme party day activities。


In the event,All party members and cadres have admired the Malaysian Revolutionary Monument and Memorial Museum,Seriously listened to the glorious deeds of the older generation of proletarian revolutionary family such as Xi Zhongxun.,Deeply felt the precious spiritual wealth they left。

This event is not only a deep memory of the revolutionary ancestors,It is also a study education for party discipline、The active implementation of party history learning and education and further consolidation and expansion of theme education。All party members and cadres agree,To integrate the "horserass spirit" into daily work,Inheritance of the fine tradition of carrying forward the party,Persist in putting the party's interests first,Resolutely maintain dafabet loginthe authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized unified leaders,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission,with higher standards、More discipline requires yourself,Struggle to promote the company's high -quality development。