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Construction of Guantian Company Party Committee jointly carried out theme party day activities

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April 23,Construction of Guantian Company Party Committee and Chencun Town, Fengxiang District Huaibei Village Party Branch to carry out the theme party day event of "Party Construction Leading together to draw a new picture of rural revitalization"。

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At the symposium,The 20th Representative of the Party、Zhang Lingyun, Secretary of the Party Branch of Huai Bei Village, combined with her rooting in the countryside,Development cycle agriculture,Entrepreneurship experience that drives the folks to get rich together,Tell the development ideas and good prospects of the construction of new rural areas,The two sides conduct in -depth exchanges and discussions on how to help rural revitalization through the development of industrial development。After the meeting,A group of people observed on the spot and learned and learned from Huaibei Village "Pig Xiaobei" Industrial Cultural Street、Shennong Agricultural "Party Building theme Museum"、Industrial parks such as crop test fields,Delivery "vegetables、Feeding、Animal、Marsh、Fertilizer "Five -bit circular breeding mode,Learn from promoting the innovative ideas of mobilethe integration of agriculture, one, two, and three industries。

After the event is over,Everyone said,To give full play to the leading role of party building,Develop new agricultural productivity for the development of local conditions,Actively extend and expand the agricultural industry chain,Effectively transform the advantages of party organization into a vivid practice of industrial development advantages,To help rural revitalization、Create a livable and livable and well -operated travel and beautiful villages to make due contributions。