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Xianyang Branch Party Committee and Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company to carry out the theme of the theme of the party history

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April 28,Xianyang Branch Party Committee、Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company Party Committee jointly organized party members and cadres to watch party history record records "Our July"。

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Record movie "Our July" uses the campaign to help the eyebrows as the background,Combined with documentary interviews and historical reproduction,It tells the epic of the first field of the Chinese People's Liberation Army to start the first battle of Northwest China Battle,Show the PLA soldiers who are not afraid of sacrifice、touching and deep fighting details and comrades -in -arms friendship。During the movie viewing process,Full attention of party members,immersed in a tense and dignified war atmosphere,The bloody blood and iron bones of the revolutionary martyrs are deeply moved。

This movie watching activity gave the party members a vivid "movie viewing party class",Guide party members to relive the red classic,inspired patriotic enthusiasm。Everyone said,As party members of the new era,Keep in mind the original mission at all dafabet mobile apptimes,Inheritance and carry forward the revolutionary martyrs are not afraid of difficulties、The great spirit of perseverance and bravery,Convert the viewing of the movie to the strong power of the officer's entrepreneurial。