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Tongchuan City's third national soil census soil type border school nuclear work startup

Release date: 2024-05-23 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Liu Zhenming & nbsp & nbsp Source: Tongchuan Branch & nbsp & nbsp Click volume: 936 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

May 21,Lead by Jianjian Research Institute,Tongchuan Branch cooperated with Tongchuan City's third national soil census soil type soil type border school nuclear work officially launched。

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The school nucleation is based on the "Erpu" soil map of the various districts of Tongchuan City as the school nuclear object,Through field exploration、Diagnosis diagnosis of soil drilling、Visit research and other methods,focus、Land that does not match the soil parent or terrain sequence、"Sanpu" section results or other attribute results to change soil type school nuclear,Amended and confirmed the type of soil type and changing the spots。Group technicians said,Based on the three -Pu soil map,Strict work in accordance with the requirements of time nodes and tasks,Accelerate the summary of the Three Pu results,Improve the quality of the soil for construction,Improve agricultural production efficiency,Promote the high -quality development of Tongchuan Agricultural and Rural provides data support。