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Establishing the Institute of the Institute of the Institute to carry out "Send Cool" condolences

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June 7,Construction of the Institute of Trade Unions to Sanpu's foreign industry investigation and sampling site to carry out "cooling" condolences,Use actual actions to send the care of the union to the heart of the front -line employees。


The union of the Research Institute sent a first -tier employee sampled in the hot environment to send the heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies,Persist in the sampling line for them、Practice"Three Specials" spirit,The work style of bravely picked the burden of state -owned enterprises fully praised,and carefully tell everyone to do personal protection during the sampling process,Ensure safe production,inGuaranteeUnder the premise of your own safety, complete various work tasks。This condolences sent the cool summer to the front line,dafabet mobile appEveryone said,To convert concern to work power,Complete the sampling work task of Sanpu's foreign industry with a fuller mental state。