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Weibei Branch organizes the special training of "Safety Production Month"

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June 19,Weibei Branch organizes the special training of "Safety Production Month"。

Special training meeting photos .png

inTraining site,Qinhan New City kiln shop fire station related personnel combined with daily work、Safety problems and risk hidden dangers in life,Fire safety knowledge、Use of fire equipment、Safety evacuation escape and other aspects made detailed explanations,Then I guided everyone to carry out the practical exercise of fire extinguishing and emergency evacuation exercises。Participants have said,Cherish such a rare training opportunity,Through training,Your own awareness and emergency treatment capabilities will be further improved。During the period,The branch also organizes all members to sign a work safety commitment letter,Watch the warning education film collectively,I carried out a reminder of alert、Warning education classes of deep province。

Event requirements,All members of the company must always tighten safe production "Thought Strings",Ensure that production safety and production and operation coordinated、One implementation。It is necessary to effectively dafabet casino mobile apptighten the "responsibility chain" for safety production,Leading the main responsibility of the leading cadre this "bull nose",Mobilize the majority of employees to actively perform job safety liability。We must build the "firewall" safety production "firewall",Persist in the gate move forward,Establish a normalized investigation mechanism,To get out early、Early prevention、Early disposal,Provide a solid security guarantee for the high -quality development of the branch。