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Bidding Announcement (June 24)

Release date: 2024-06-24 & nbsp & nbsp Author: & nbsp & nbsp Source: Guangtai Consulting Company & NBSP & Nbsp dafabet mobile appClick volume: 964 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

a、Project Name: Land Construction Testing Company Yang Ling Experimental Zone Technology Labor Procurement Project

2、Project location: Yang Ling Avenue and Binhe Road Cross Northeast Corner

3、Contest content: Assist in Yangling Experimental Zone to provide related technical labor services

1,667 surface -like soil 28 indicators;

28 indicators of 4,100 surface -like soils in the two -standard section、550 pieces of water group sample soil 1 indicator;

28 indicators of 3783 surface -like soils.

Fourth, construction period requirements: service period is 60 days calendar

5. Registration conditions:

1、Business license: Bidders have independent legal person qualifications,Have a legitimate and effective business license,and have corresponding service capabilities in personnel。

2、Performance requirements: Since June 1, 2021, I have been engaged in the foundation of soil sample basic indicators to detect related businesses。

3. Reputation requirements:

① The applicant must not be listed as the executed person on the "Credit China-China Executive Information Disclosure Network" website;

② The applicant shall not be included in the list of serious illegal illegal and dishonest enterprises。

4. This project is not allowed to bid for a consortium.

5、The person in charge of the unit is the same person or the existence of holding、Management relationship、Different units of related relationships,Only one party can participate in the bid。

6、Registration location: Room 009, No. 7, No. 7, Guangtai Road, High -tech Zone, Xi'an City

Seven、Registration time: June 24 to June 26, 2024,Daily 8:30 to 12:00,14: 00 to 17:30。

eight、Registration provides information: The legal person authorized the attorney (attached to the legal person and the copy of the attacker ID card with the official seal)、Effective business license for annual inspection、A performance contract、Account Opening License (Account Information)、Credit China-China Performing Information Disclosure Network and the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System There is no bad record screenshot,The above information provides a copy and stamped with the official seal of the unit。

Nine、Bidder: Yang Ling Experimental Zone, Land Building Land Project Quality Testing Co., Ltd.,Contact: Cheng Gong,Tel: 029-61335297。

Ten、Bidding Agency: Shaanxi Guangtai Project Management Consultation Co., Ltd.,Contact: Zhang Gong   Tel: 029-87302636.