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Legal statement

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      This website was created and operated by Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Land Construction Group"),Is the official website of Shaanxi Land Construction Group,It is an authoritative site for the Internet to release Shaanxi Land dafabet mobile logindafabet loginConstruction Group.。Anyone enters this website、Read any content、Download any materials from this website or use the information provided by this website,means agreeing to abide by the following terms。These clauses constitute an agreement between Shaanxi Land Construction Group and you。If you do not agree to comply with these terms,Do not use this website。

Copyright Statement

      Shaanxi Land Construction Group independently owns all information on the website related webpages,Unprecedented written permits without Shaanxi Land Construction Group,Any content on this website,No one can copy it or make a mirror on the server that the non -Shaanxi land construction group belongs.。

      The domain name trademark described on this website、Text、Video and sound content、Graphics and images are all protected by relevant trademarks and copyrights。Unprocessed Shaanxi Land Construction Group in advance clearly allowed,No enterprise or individual may copy or pass in any form。

Disable Terms

       Content of this website,We do not provide any form of explicit or implied content of content、Timely、Effective、Stability、Available、No guarantee in the rights of others' rights; do not guarantee the stability of the server,Do not guarantee that you can browse at any time、Reading、Material、Use this website; do not guarantee the text contained in the website content、Graphics、Material、Links、Description、Statement or the accuracy or integrity of other matters,It does not guarantee that the content of this website does not print、Copy and other input errors。"website operator" can change the content of this website at any time,No notification,but it is not guaranteed to update in time when dafabet mobile logindafabet casino mobile appthe content changes,Not guarantee to notify you when updating。

       The risks of users using this website service will and all the consequences generated by them will be borne by themselves。In any case,Any direct、Indirect、attached、Losses caused to third person(Including but not limited to profit loss、Lost information and data、Loss of property destruction)No need to bear any legal responsibility on this website.

Related articles reprinted on this website、The point of view expressed or implied in the data does not represent the point of view of the Shaanxi Land Construction Group。For the information reprinted on this website, if there is a copyright controversy,Please contact us and provide the corresponding proof information。

       Links to third -party websites do not constitute our guarantee for the third -party website,We are not responsible for the effectiveness of these websites and content。The risk of the hyperlink access to these websites shall be borne by the user。

Protect user privacy

        We respect the privacy of the majority of users,Without the consent of the user,We do not collect users' information。Email of users who have grasped due to service needs、Information and addresses, we promise to be allowed to be allowed by users,Do not provide any third party。

Termination Terms

       The protocol is invalid when any party propose to terminate。Whether or not under this agreement or under other circumstances,As long as you destroy all the documents and related materials obtained from this website,The termination of the cost protocol。


       All lawsuits or disputes caused by this website shall apply the laws of the People's Republic of China。The revision of the law of the People's Republic of China makes any of the above clauses illegal,All parties will dafabet mobile appagree to make a modification dafabet mobile logindafabet casino mobile appof the above clauses by Shaanxi Land Construction Group。

       The final interpretation right of this statement is owned by Shaanxi Land Construction Group.