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Establishing the Institute of the Institute of the Institute to carry out "Send Cool" condolences06-07
The group's union system carefully organizes the "June 1" International Children's Day event06-01
Shaanxi Land Construction Group Trade Union Organization to carry out free "two cancers" screening activities05-11
Construction of the Institute of Survey and Planning Holding Labor Competition and the First Workers' Games04-29
Shaanxi Land Construction Group Trade Union and Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to carry out party branches to jointly build reading and sharing activities04-26
The 7th Fitness Gathering Games of the Research Institute was successfully held04-14
Construction Survey and Planning Institute to participate in the provincial geographical information industry's badminton invitational competition04-03
Hanzhong Branch participated in the Chenggu County mini marathon03-22
Group Trade Unions Carry out the "March 8" International Labor Women's Day series activities03-08
The Group System has won 6 honors for the Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Trade Union01-19
Construction of the Real Estate Group Trade Union launched the "Winter Sending Warm Employees" condolences12-29
Construction of the real estate group trade union to carry out the new year walking activities12-22
The Group was evaluated in Shaanxi Province in 2023 to strive to be the "Occupation Health Talent" event excellent organization unit12-21
Construction of the Institute of Research Institute to carry out "warm" condolences12-19
dafabet mobile loginGroup system labor competition activities will achieve good results12-15