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Ecological Real Estate

Shaanxi Land Construction Group Ecological Real Estate Relying on Land Rectification Resources advantages,Focus on the construction of new urbanization and rural revitalization,Make full use of the Group's "Pure Land Project" advantage,Coordinated promotion of production space for approximately efficient、Moderate living space livable、Ecological space healthy and safe development pattern,Continuously meet the people's growing beautiful needs,Building people get along with nature、High -quality livable space of symbiosis and prosperity。Group ecological real estate will be deeply integrated into the country to promote the new type of urbanization and rural revitalization strategy,Objectives around "people's yearning" and "improvement of life satisfaction" target,Adhere to the main focus of undertaking the group's land rectification and extension real estate project、Actively cultivating independent development of real estate projects is an important direction, mobileForms residential development、Commercial Real Estate、The development pattern of diversified industrial types such as the new village construction。


Picture 3.png

Yan'an Emperor Yuan

Yan'an Cultural Exchange Center 20220426 (18) .jpg

Nanshan Garden (Xi'an)

Nanshan Garden 20220420 (1) .jpg

Bin River Four Seasons (Fuping)

Bin River Four Seasons 20220419 (1) .jpg

Landscape · Xingyi City (Xi'an)

Landscape Star Yicheng Project 20220418 (1) (Polison of the building in the lower right corner) .jpg

Shaanxi Radio and Television Development Base (Xi'an)

Radio and Television Base Project 20210420 (1) .jpg

New Builder Luo Zhongxue (Shang Luo)

(7) The new founder Luozhong Xue.jpg

Ziwei Mansion (Xi'an)

Greentown Ziwei Mansion Project 20220418 (2) .jpg

Qinyuan Community (Huaxian)

In 2011, the company entered the real estate industry-Huaxian Qinyuan Community.jpg

Huizhi Center (Baoji)

Baoji Huizhi Center Project-Effect Figure 2.jpg