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Land Rectification

Land rectification industry is the foundation and foundation of the development of the development of Shaanxi Land Construction Group,Making large land rectification is the primary task of the reform and development of Shaanxi Land Construction Group。Deepen the expansion of the "Pure Land Engineering" system with the core technology with "Organic Reconstruction",Comprehensively promote urban renewal and transformation around the new type of urbanization,Improve the living environment and the quality of the city; improve the efficiency of land utilization around rural revitalization,Pick up the responsibility for construction of national food security and promoting the construction of ecological civilization,Promoting the value and potential of the release of land resources,Being able to coordinate and coordinate human relations harmonious development,Enhance the carrying capacity of land resources,Help regional economic development。Shaanxi Landjian will adhere to and deepen the "Pure Land Engineering" technology,Actively respond to the strategy of developing new types of urbanization and rural revitalization in the country,Grabbing the ecological protection and high -quality development strategic opportunities of the Yellow River Basin,dafabet casino mobile appAccelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading,Constantly improve the popularity of the international market。

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Yan'an Gully Gully Create Land Rectification Project

Nanni Bay.jpg

High -standard farmland construction project

IMG_4234 (20220920-113702) .jpg

Land Rectification Project


saline -alkali land land improvement project

2. After the renovation of Fuping Houpo Beach Salone and Alkali Governance Project .jpg

Land Rectification Project of Hollow Village57f3c2b3628a7e4af570c5ea7cf4d22.jpg

Urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linked project

Shangluo City's Shangnan County Township Construction Land increase or decrease linked project.jpg

Construction Land Remediation Project

Baoji Qianwei Conference Project


Weidong New City Comprehensive Development Project

Weidong New City.png

Ecological Land Remediation Project

Tongguan Gold Mining Area Geological Environmental Governance Project


The ecological restoration and governance project of the north bank of the Chenggu Han River


Shaanxi Tongguan Xiaoqinling Gold Mine National Mining Park Project

Mine Park Tourist Service Center.jpg