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Modern Hotel Industry

Shaanxi Land Construction Group Modern Hotel Industry adheres to the positioning of "local high -end special hotel demand providers and accommodation characteristic experience providers",Local characteristic culture、Tourism resources、Green Ecology is relying on,Vigorously develop stars、A non -star business hotel、Resort hotel、Conference -type hotels and other types of hotels,Explore the Development Inn B & B、Cultural theme Hotel、New High -quality accommodation such as green ecological hotels,Peiqiang Peiyou Create a comprehensive service system,Form the land brand building special hotel brand。Introduction to diversified commercial services,Extension of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the accommodation industry,Construct a new pattern of multi -format integration and development,Drives prosperous business through modern hotels,Improve location quality,Realize regional value -added premium,Help the Group's land remediation、Ecological mobileReal Estate Development。

Shaanxi Di Nanshan (Yongshou) Garden Hotel

Yongshou Nanshan Garden Hotel .jpgShaanxi Di Nanshan (Fuping) Boutique Hotel

Fuping Hotel .jpg

Nanshan (Huashan)Hot springHotel

Nanshan (Huashan) Hot Spring Hotel. Jpg

Nanshan (Fufeng) Hot Spring Hotel

5. Shaanxi Di Nanshan (Fufeng) Hot Spring Hotel (3) .jpg

Nanshan (Yan'an) Hotel, Shaanxi, Shaanxi

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Shaanxi Di Nanshan (Shangluo) Garden Hotel


Shaanxi Di Nanshan Qianhe Hotel mobile

Academic Exchange Center (浐灞)

DJI_0009 [00-00-30] [20211021-17265848] .jpg

Yan'an Cultural Exchange Center