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The Youth League branch of the Hanzhong Branch and the Gongqing Tuan Cheng Gu County Party Committee jointly carried out the theme activity of "Light up and Weiming Dreams to Help"05-30
Hanzhong Branch won the title of "Youth Commando" in Hanzhong City04-18
Construction of the Survey Planning Institute's Youth Leader Organization to carry out Lei Feng Volunteer Service Activities04-01
Construction of the real estate group branch organization organized the "Learning Lei Feng Memorial Day" volunteer service activity03-06
The Group Youth League Committee organizes in -depth study and implementation of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping.08-04
Group grassroots group organizations have won many honors of the SASAC05-06
Xianyang Branch won the title of "Xianyang High -tech Zone Youth Pioneer" in 202205-05
Tongchuan Branch carried out the May 4th Youth Day reading and recitation activities05-04
The Youth League Committee organizes the May Fourth Youth West Viewing Activity04-28
Tongchuan Branch's group branch won dafabet loginthe honorary title of 2022 "Yaozhou District May 4 Red Banner Group Branch"04-27
The Youth League branch of the Hanzhong Branch was awarded the title of "May 4th Red Banner Group Branch" of Chenggu County in 202204-27
Tongchuan Branch Love Volunteer Service Team to carry out volunteer service activities07-07
The Youth League branch of the Tongchuan Branch won the "First Prize of Youth Shine Award" in the Qingqi 1 Theme Group Day event of the Yaozhou District06-30
Weibei Branch and Xianyang Branch to carry out theme group day activities06-25
Tongchuan Branch won dafabet loginthe honorary title of "2022 Youth Civilization of Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City"05-15