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Corporate Culture
Basic concept
Enterprise green ecological development concept:Make the land cleaner, make the ecology better, and make the homeland safer
Brand concept:Comprehensive, international, professional
Development concept:Coordinate people's relationships and build a beautiful home
Market Concept:Beginning in the market, finally value
Scientific concept:Delievable Pure Land Project, implementing scientific and technological innovation
Talent concept:Wo -planting fertile soil, doing their best, chasing dreams
Quality concept:Integrity operation, quality development
Safety concept:Safety must be safe for production and production
Environment concept:Scientific planning, green development
Social responsibility concept:Improve human relations, share ecological space
Core concept
Enterprise Spirit:"Three Special Spirit" -Esmidate can suffer、Special ability to fight、Special capable innovation
Corporate Culture —— Mission:Make the land cleaner, make the ecology better, and make the homeland safer

Explanation: Land is a home that humans live in survival,The Group takes the "Pure Land Project" as its responsibility,Promoting land ecological recovery with scientific rectification,Comprehensive development makes the land more valuable,Mountain in -depth implementation of mountain、Water、Lin、Tian、Lake、Grass integrated ecological protection and repair,Actively promote the development of land ecologicalization,Guarantee national food security、Beautiful living environment、Residence comfort,and carry out land engineering theoretical research and professional services,Promote the establishment and development of land engineering disciplines,Cultivate land engineering talents for the society。Finally realized the group development、Home Safety、Employee progress、Ecological beauty、Social value improvement,Become a valuable company。

Corporate Culture —— Vision:Become a leading domestic leader、International first -class land governance and operating service providers and industry standards

Explanation:Continuously improve the technical level and technology research and development capabilities of the group,Provide land information and land resources for the society、Land Governance、Land utilization and protection dafabet loginsolution,Land governance and comprehensive development project leads the development of the industry,Land Engineering Scientific Research Continue to maintain domestic leaders、reaches international first -class level,Build the Discipline of Land Engineering into a domestic advantageous discipline,Create Shaanxi Land Construction Operation Brand,Improve the comprehensive operation and service capabilities of the enterprise,Become a leading domestic leader、International first -class land governance and comprehensive operation service provider。

Enterprise Culture —— Value:Integrity, stability, openness, tolerance, innovation

Integrity:Adhere to "Integrity Management",Cooperators who do honesty and promise、Integrity operator、Integrity and reliable state -owned asset guardian,Promote the continuous and stable development of the group。

Stable:Adhere to "steady forward",Fully guarantee state -owned asset preservation and value -added,Adhere to the general tone of "steady and advanced" development,Promote the realization of steady development。

Open:Adhere to "Open Cooperation",Deeply integrated into the national region strategy,Constantly enrich and mutually beneficial and win -win mode,Win more development space with openness。

tolerance:Adhere to "tolerance and mutual learning",Great compatibility,,Promote greater development with an inclusive mentality。

Innovation:Adhere to "pioneering innovation",Take innovation as the first power,Promoting the spirit of innovation and the spirit of brave tide,Adhere to innovation driver,Implementing global innovation,Receive and store,Promote the realization of innovation development。