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2019 Loess Plateau Royal Following Mechanism、Key technologies and applications of regulation-provincial first prize06-21
2019 Large Plateau Channel Comprehensive Rectification Technology Research and Application-Land and Resources Science and Technology Award-First Prize06-21
2019 Key Technology and Engineering Application of Sandstone and Sandfu into Tuhaocheng Tian-National Science and Technology Progress Award II06-21
2018-2019 Maowu Su Sands Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Tripted Sandy Flowing Key Technology and Water Resources Regulation-Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award III Prize06-21
2014 Maowu Su Sandy Sandstone Sandstone Sandian Fita Technology Research Application and Ecological Improvement Restaurant Land and Resources Science and Technology Award Certificate-Group Company06-21
2016 Shaanxi Wild Stone Beach cultivation layer Construction technical research and engineering demonstration06-21
In 2013, the renovation of sand land rectification based on the Weihe River clip band of the ecological civilization and its comprehensive agricultural utilization model studied the second prize of science and technology in Shaanxi Province06-21
2013 first prize certificate for rural air waste and land and resources science06-21
2012 砒 Sandstone Shaanxi Province Science and Technology First Prize Certificate06-21
2012 Sanmenxia Reservoir dafabet mobile loginDistrict Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Second Prize Certificate06-21
2012 salt -stained Shaanxi agricultural technology promotion achievement first prize certificate06-20
2011 Rural Waste Homes Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Second Prize Certificate06-20
2010 Dalo Beach Shaanxi Province Science and Technology First Prize Certificate05-21
Science and technology monograph01-20
Intellectual property01-20