Human Resources
Group's existing project、More than 800 technical and researchers,Among dafabet casino mobile appthem, there are more than 600 graduate degree or above (more than 60 doctoral students)。Group's current operating quality shows rapid growth、A good situation of improving quality and efficiency,2018 Group realized operating income of 8.1 billion yuan,Production and operation indicators The best level of history,and has achieved more than 1.5 billion yuan in corporate profits for four consecutive years,Many indicators are among the best in more than 40 provinces,Innovation driver、Green development has achieved positive results,Land engineering scientific research is at the level of domestic leaders,At the same time, a relatively mature and unique land -level market development model was explored in practice,Provides new ideas and new paths for the development of construction land in our province,Effectively expanded the construction of construction land in the province,Directly promoted the development and construction of multiple cities and cities,It has contributed to important forces to catch up with our province。