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Introduction to the Land Engineering Construction Group of Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the Provincial Party Committee、The provincial government is the most stringent arable land protection system and the strictest saving and intensive land system for comprehensively implementing,Solving the problem of a supplementary balance of cultivated land in the province,Provincial state -owned state -owned state -owned enterprises, which provides land service guarantees for economic and social development in the province,Mainly engaged in land remediation、Ecological Real Estate、Modern hotel industry and other businesses。

Group with talent reserves and dafabet logintechnological innovation High -quality development fertile soil。More than 2,000 people with various types of employees in the group system,The number of graduate students in the management team accounts for 85%,Doctoral students have more than 100 people。The first doctoral scientific research workstation with the country with land engineering as the research direction,Eleven scientific research platforms such as the degradation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the key laboratory of the land improvement project。The first to propose the establishment of land engineering disciplines in China,Cooperate with Chang'an University to build a School of Land Engineering,The level of scientific research and practical ability in the field of land engineering research reaches the leader、International advanced level。

Group in -depth practice of "Two Mountain Theory",Land engineering technology drives comprehensive land development and comprehensive governance of the basin,Promoting ecological recovery governance and regional ecological overall reform。Carried out saline -alkali land for local conditions、Gulfi、Dinusal Land、Make a variety of land remediations such as river beaches,Cumulative realization of more than 600,000 acres of new cultivated land,The demand for land for the construction of major projects in the province of China。Especially the implementation of the Yan'an Nanniwan Gully land construction project provides scientific and technological support and method reference for the ecological protection and high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin,The "Key Technology of Sandstrokes and Sandfu into Tuguitian",Improved the ecological environment of Mao Wulusha land,The disappearance of the Mao Wulu Desert from Shaanxi contributed "building power"。Zheng Jianbang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference、Former Minister of Land and Resources Jiang Daming gives the group's scientific research work high,Think that "the land is technology,And hard technology。”

The Group is in rapid development,Actively focus on national development strategy needs,Actively adjust development ideas,Expansion of the main business,Enhance the core competitiveness,Integrate the "three main business" into an industrial group,The new urbanization construction system with the pure land project as the core,Comprehensive participation in the new type of urbanization construction and national strategy of beautiful rural construction。The Fuping Ishikawa River Comprehensive Remediation Project implemented、Baoji Damei Buddha Tangcheng Project、Yan'an New District Urban Cultural Tourism Complex Project、Chenggu County Binjiang New Town Comprehensive Development Project and other major projects that benefit the people and people,strongly promoted the sustainable development of local economic and social,It provides a "ground -building model" for practicing new types of urbanization and the national strategy of beautiful rural construction。

Group always adheres to the party's leadership,Careful implementation of various decision -making deployment,Focus on the value -added of state -owned assets,Persist in "Integrity、stable、Open、tolerance、Innovation "cultural concept,Vigorously implement global innovation,Realized the high -quality development of the enterprise。Group has been evaluated for comprehensive assessment of A -level enterprises for eight consecutive years,Four consecutive years has won the contribution of the provincial state -owned assets system for steady growth,Five consecutive years for five consecutive years A -level taxpayer,In 2018, it was awarded the high -quality net asset yield of the provincial enterprise and contributed to the "double champion",2019 net asset yield、The growth rate of fixed asset investment growth rate is ranked first in the provincial enterprise,2021 won the Special Contribution Award of the Provincial State System System Steady Growth,2022 won the provincial state -owned asset -owned system "quality improvement dafabet casino mobile appand efficiency award" and "technical innovation award",In 2023, he was awarded the Provincial State -owned System System 2020-2022 Term Terminal Objective Organization A -level Enterprise。The second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award has been won,35 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards and many other scientific research honors。Won the National May Day Labor Award、Advanced Collective of Shaanxi Province、Shaanxi Provincial Quality Award、Shaanxi Province helps out of poverty alleviation excellent enterprises、Hard Technology Demonstration Unit and many other awards。

Future,The Group will go on the goal of creating "100 billion yuan" in development,Accelerate the transformation and upgrade,Innovative development mode,Establish a tide head、Striving for the aspirations and spirit of the times to create new performance,Strive to write a new chapter in high -quality development in Shaanxi。