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Shaanxi Dijian gives full play to the advantages and characteristics of the enterprise to comprehensively help "Fourteen Games"09-28
Group organization holds a carbon neutralized technical symposium09-02
Mao Zhongan attended the joint meeting of the provincial assistance group of Shangnan County07-09
Shangluo Branch、Weinan Branch went to Shuigou Village to jointly carry out "Children's Heart to the Party,Happy Growth "theme activity06-02
Shangluo Branch launched the "Study Party History、Practice at the beginning,I do practical things for the masses "theme party day activity05-21
Real Estate Group Corporation won the title of "A -Class Taxpayer" in 202004-28
Construction of Comprehensive Company Company Discipline Inspection Commission to carry out supervision and inspection work03-19
Construction of the Survey and Planning Institute to carry out voluntary grass planting activities03-12
Weibei Branch Party Committee carried out voluntary tree planting activities03-12
Weinan Branch participated in 2021 Weinan Volunteer Tree Planting Campaign03-12
Shangluo Branch Spring Festival Corporation's "Two Unions and One Pack" pair of pairing for the poor household02-08
Shangnan County Party Committee and County Government sent a thank you letter to the group company02-07
The construction project of the Northwest Branch has passed the acceptance of the state bureau01-09
Construction of the company's union to carry out winter tree planting activities12-23
Group "Two Unions and One Package" in the village joint households successfully dafabet mobile apppassed the assessment of the assistant unit of Shangnan County in the Shangnan County in 202012-11