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Land Engineering Technology Innovation Center

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December 2016,Approved by the former Ministry of Land and Resources,It is the scientific research platform of the natural resources department with the innovation of land engineering technology。Researcher Han Yanchang as the director of the center,Professor Jie Jiancang of Xi'an University of Training and Technology and Professor Gu Zhaolin of Xi'an Jiaotong University as the deputy director of the center,The technical committee is Fu Bojie、Sun Jiulin、Shi Yulin、Tang Huajun、Li Peicheng、Composition of academicians and experts such as Tang Zhongli and Kang Zhensheng related fields,Academician Fu Bojie of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the director of the technical committee。In January 2020, the National Land Engineering Technology mobileInnovation Platform Cultivation Base was renamed to the Ministry of Natural Resources Land Engineering Technology Innovation Center。