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Unveiling of the School of Land Engineering

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The School of Land Engineering in September 2015 at the National Natural Resources Department、The strong support of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province,Cooperative construction by Chang'an University and Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group,September 2019,The School of Land Engineering officially becomes an independent secondary college。

As one of the first batch of colleges and universities in the country's undergraduate dafabet casino mobile appmajor,The School of Land Engineering is closely around the national development strategy,Aiming at the frontiers of world land technology,Construction of the community of life of the landscape, forestry, lake grass、The "quantity-quality-ecological" trinity protection mechanism of cultivated land、Land Space Planning and Comprehensive Remediation、Usage control and ecological repair industry requirements,Give full play to the advantages of both schools and enterprises,Promote the integration of production and education,Establish a close docking industry chain、Disciplinary system of the Innovation Chain,Actively carry out teaching in the field of land engineering、Basic theory and key technology research,It is the first research teaching college based on land engineering scientific research and land engineering talent training。

The college has created the first domestic land engineering discipline -Shuo -Bo -Bo full talent training system,Lile the foundation of discipline development。Doctor of Land Engineering PhD,Land Engineering、Land Resource Management、Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology (Master of Professional) Master's Disaster Point,Open land remediation project,Undergraduate major in land resources management。The college has 33 faculty staff,13 people in corporate mentors。As of 2021,College Cumulative Cultivation Book、Shuo、The total number of students has reached 584。

Disciplinary system:

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School -enterprise cooperation:

Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group on the basis of comprehensively improved and gives full play to each employee's professional skills,Relying on technology,Strengthen school -enterprise cooperation,Institute of Geographical Science and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Institute of Water and Water Conservation of the Ministry of Water Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Zhejiang University、Xi'an University mobileof Health University、Shaanxi Normal University、Xi'an Jiaotong University、Changan University、The Land and Resources Department of Land and Resources has established a wide range of cooperative relationships,Research on basic theory and key technology in the field of land engineering,and achieved a series of scientific research results that have reached the international advanced level。Groups with key institutions and scientific research units establish long -term cooperative relationships,Sign a strategic cooperation agreement,jointly carried out post -doctoral training and research work in the field of land engineering,Give full play to the important role of the post -doctoral system in talent training and scientific research innovation。

On December 28, 2010, he signed the "Joint Training the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Postdoctoral Researchers" with Shaanxi Normal University。

On December 28, 2010, he signed the "Joint Training Postdoctoral Researchers Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Xi'an University of Health University。

On December 28, 2010, signed the "Co -Cultivation of Postdoctoral Researchers Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences。

On December 28, 2010, and signed the Institute of Water and Water Conservation of the Ministry of Water Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the "Cultivation Agreement of the Institute for Democratic Researchers"。

January 6, 2014 signed the "Framework Agreement to Establish a Cooperation Relationship" with the Southeast Land Management College of Zhejiang University。

April 22, 2015 and Changan University identified the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement"。

September 4, 2015 signed the "Global Industrial Alliance Program Agreement" with MIT (MIT)。

September 29, 2015,The School of Land Engineering, jointly built with Chang'an University, was unveiled and established。

October 10, 2015,Signed the "Co -Cultivation Cultivation Enterprise Postdoctoral Researchers Agreement" with Changan University。

dafabet casino mobile appNovember 25, 2016,Signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Shaanxi Normal University。

April 8, 2019,Shaanxi Landjian-Xi'an Jiaotong University Land Engineering and Habitat Environmental Technology Innovation Center jointly built with Xi'an Jiaotong University was unveiled。

September 2019,The School of Land Engineering, jointly built with Chang'an University, officially became an independent secondary college。

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