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Yan'an Branch jointly built a comprehensive company to carry out the May 4th Youth Festival Group Construction Activity

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May 4,Yan'an Branch jointly built a comprehensive company to open the company and the participating units to carry out the theme "Inherit the Five or 4 salary fire,The May 4th "Youth Day Group Construction Activity,Gift from the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the group。


Event contains trust sixth sensations、Zhuxing Wanli、Four fun competitions such as two -footed and basketball competitions,The youth leap at the event site、Vitality bloom,Fun Hengsheng、The atmosphere is warm。This event,Both enrich the amateur life of cadres and employees,further enhanced the cohesion of the team、Battlepower。Everyone said,Keep your mission in mind,Undefeated Trust,Innovative innovation in project construction、Gan Yu Dedication,Choose the burden in front of the emergency and danger task、charge in front,Let Youth Hua Nian on the ground of Yan'an New District,dafabet mobile appLeave a strong stroke。