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The vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Xuek Laiti Zackel and the team to investigate the construction hall of the Agricultural High Congress

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       September 19,Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Xuek Laiti Zackel、Provincial Party Secretary Zhao Yide、Governor Zhao GangA group of peopleThe 30th China Yangling Agricultural High -tech Achievement ExpoShaanxi Land Construction Group Exhibition Hall.


       Group chief engineer Luo Lintao around the group technology support platform、Scientific and technological achievements、Organic reconstruction of the soil body、The improvement of the quality of cultivated land and technical practice、Soil Census、Cultivation Land Soil Hospital、High -standard farmland demonstration and smart farmland are introduced in detail。Xueck Lai Ti Timache Listen to the group's protection of the group on the cultivated land soil、The results achieved by soil quality improvement and high standard farmland construction,Give high affirmation of the group's scientific research achievements。Xuek Lai Ti Zucker pointed out,Cultivation land is dafabet mobile loginthe fundamental to ensure food safety,Strengthen the construction of high standard farmland,Improve the level of cultivation of cultivated land is the future direction of agricultural development,I hope that Shaanxi Land Construction Group will actively give play to talent advantages、Technology advantage,Make greater contributions to ensure good national soil health and food security。