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The Group won the provincial state -owned assets system in 2023 "Steady Growth Contribution Award" and "Reform and Development and Promotion Award"

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January 16,Provincial SASAC held a work meeting of the province's state -owned assets system,The Group was awarded the 2023 "Steady Growth Contribution Award" and "Reform and Development and Promotion Award"。Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Han Yichang,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、General Manager Tang Hongjun,Member of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection、Supervisory Specialist Ji Liang attended the meeting at the main venue of the SASAC。

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2023,The Group insists on guiding the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping,In -depth implementation of the party's twenty spirit and general secretary who has come to Shaanxi for an important speech and important instruction spirit,Taking the theme education and "three years" activities as the starting point,Adhere to the equal emphasis on project leadership and service、Innovation -driven and deepening reforms、Theme education and comprehensively strictly dafabet casino mobile appgovern the party,Realize the leadership of high -quality party building、High -efficiency production development and high -level people's livelihood protection,Surprising a steady and steady play、A good year -old answer sheet,Continuously contributed to the new chapter of the high -quality development of Shaanxi。

Member of the Group Leaders,Group rooms、The main person in charge of some second -level units attended the meeting at the group headquarters venue。