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Xi Jinping presided over the new era to promote the western development symposium

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Further formation of a new pattern of large protection and high -quality development

Strive to compose a new chapter in the development of the West

Li Qiang Cai Qiding Xuexiang attended

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of State、The Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping hosted a new era to promote the western development symposium in Chongqing on the afternoon of the 23rd。He emphasized,The western region is in ahead of the country's reform, development and stability。It is necessary to grasp the implementation of the Party Central Committee to promote the implementation of the western development policy measures,Further formation of large protection、Big Open、New pattern of high -quality development,Improve the overall strength and sustainable development capabilities of the region,Strive in Chinese -style modernization construction to compose a new chapter in Western Development。

Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Premier Li Qiang,Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Director of the Central Office Cai Qi,Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang of the State Council attended the symposium。

At the symposium,Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Zheng Zujie、The Secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Yuan Jiajun、Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Wang Xiaohui、Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Zhao Yide、Ma Xingrui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, spoke,Promote the work status of the development report of the western region、Make suggestions and suggestions。Other provinces and regions and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps participating in the symposium mainly submitted a written speech。

After listening to everyone,Xi Jinping made an important speech。He pointed out,The Party Central Committee has deployed for 5 years in the new era of promoting the development of the western region for 5 years,Ecological environmental dafabet loginprotection restoration in the western region has achieved significant results,High -quality development capabilities have significantly improved,Open economic pattern to accelerate the construction,Infrastructure conditions are greatly changed,The people's living standards have steadily improved,Winning the battle against poverty as scheduled,A well -off society in the same country,Stepping on the new journey of a comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country。You must see at the same time,Development in the western region still faces many difficulties and challenges,To study and solve it effectively。

Xi Jinping emphasized,We must adhere to the development of characteristic and advantageous industries as the main direction,Develop emerging industries for local conditions,Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading of the western region。Strengthening scientific and technological innovation and deep integration of industrial innovation,Actively cultivate the introduction and the use of high -level technological innovation talents,Work hard to overcome a number of key core technologies。Deepen the scientific and technological innovation cooperation of the East, Central and Western regions,Build a national independent innovation demonstration zone、Scientific and technological achievements transfer conversion demonstration area。Accelerate the transformation of traditional industrial technology,Promote the update and transformation of key industry equipment,Promote the upgrade of traditional advantageous industries、Increased quality、Increased efficiency,Improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources and deep processing of products。Promote the integration and development of central enterprises and the western region。Turn the service industry such as tourism into a regional pillar industry。Develop new productivity for the development of local conditions,Explore the development of modern manufacturing and strategic emerging industries,Layout to build future industries,Form new regional development new kinetic energy。

Xi Jinping pointed out,We must adhere to high -level protection support at high -quality development,Build a national ecological security barrier。Optimize the protection pattern of land and space development,Strengthen the control of the ecological environment partition,Accelerate the promotion of important ecosystem protection and restoration major projects,Fighting the three major iconic campaigns of the "Three Norths" project。Strengthen ecological resources protection,Strengthening the construction of forest grassland prevention and fire -extinguishing capacity,Deepen key areas、Control prevention and control of key areas。​​Vigorously promote the renovation of energy -saving carbon reduction in traditional industries,​​Orderly promote the clean and efficient use of coal cleaning and efficiently。Improve the value realization mechanism of ecological product value and compensation mechanism for horizontal ecological protection。

Xi Jinping emphasized,We must persist in promoting development with great opening up,Improve the level of opening up and outside the western region。Vigorously promote the construction of a new channel for the Western Land and Sea,Promote the development and open area along the line,Deep integration into the "Belt and Road"。Improve various industrial parks along the border areas、Border Economic Cooperation Zone、Layout of Cross -border Economic Cooperation Zone,Promote the high -quality development of the Pilot Free Trade Zone。Steady expansion dafabet mobile loginof institutional type open,Create a market -oriented international business business environment。More active serving the major strategy of docking regional,Actively integrate into the construction of a national unified market,Innovation East and Western Open Platform docking mechanism,Deepen and East Central、Practical cooperation in the Northeast region。

Xi Jinping pointed out,We must adhere to overall development and safety,Improve security and security capabilities in key areas such as energy resources。Accelerate the construction of a new energy system,bigger and stronger a group of important national energy bases。Strengthen the interconnection of the pipe network,Improve the "West East Delivery" ability。Strengthening the control and large -scale intensive development of mineral resources,Accelerate the formation of a number of national -level mineral resources mining and processing bases。Improve the level of water resources safety guarantee。Innovative cross -regional industrial cooperation and optimization layout mechanism,Orderly undertake industrial gradient transfer。Vigorously promote the construction of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle of Chengdu -Chongqing area,Actively cultivate urban agglomerations,Develop and expand a number of provincial sub -center cities,Promote the infrastructure of urban Unicom、Public service sharing。

Xi Jinping emphasized,We must adhere to the promotion of new urbanization and comprehensive rejuvenation and organic combination,Guarantee and improve people's livelihood。In -depth implementation of rural revitalization strategies,Increase support for the key help county for national rural rejuvenation,Establish a low -income population and normalized assistance mechanism for developed areas,Resolutely prevent the occurrence of scale and return to poverty。Learning and using the "Ten Million Project" experience,Create a rural construction mode with regional characteristics。Develop the distinctive county economy,Cultivate a group of agricultural strong counties、Industrial County、Tourism County,Promoting farmers to increase employment in the nearest income,Promote the process of urbanization by local conditions。Promote the construction of high -standard farmland,Carry out important agricultural products to stabilize production and protection liability,Make due contribution to ensuring national food security。Strengthen the construction of rural spiritual civilization,Promoting the customs and customs,Actively cultivate the new style of the times。Improve the grass -roots governance system led by party organization,Adhere to and develop the new era "Maple Bridge Experience",Achieving the normalization of anti -evil and eliminating evil,Keep the grassroots stability、The masses are safe。

Xi Jinping pointed out,We must persist in casting the consciousness of the Chinese nation community,Effectively maintain national unity and border stability。Ethnic regions must implement the consciousness of the Chinese community of the Chinese nation into the whole process and all aspects of development。close to people's livelihood to promote economic and social development,Improve the social security system,The bottom line of people's livelihood,Efforts to solve the problem of the crowd's urgency and anxiety。Comprehensively and accurately implement the party's national policy,Accelerate the construction of an embedded social structure and the community environment,Promoting the interaction and integration of the dafabet mobile apppeople of all ethnic groups。Fully implement the basic policy of the party's religious work,Adhere to the direction of Chinese religion in my country,Continuing illegal religious activities。In -depth promotion of Action for the People in the New Era,Strengthen the construction of infrastructure and public service facilities in border areas,Development of border tourism and other industries,Efforts to realize the rich people、Border Guanmei、The border is stable、Border Defense。

Xi Jinping finally emphasized,The coordinated development leading group of the Central Region must strengthen coordination and supervision and inspection,Relevant departments of the central government should study proposed targeted policy measures。Party committees and governments at all levels in the western region must carry the main responsibility,Promote the implementation of the party's central decision -making deployment。Improve the East and West Cooperation Mechanisms,Deepen counterpart support、Fixed -point assistance。Consolidate and expand theme education results,Do a good job of party discipline learning and education,Continuous rectification formula is to reduce burden at the grassroots level。Improve the decision -making mechanism,Major policies, especially the policy of people's livelihood, must be fully demonstrated and risk assessment.,During the implementation, problems should be investigated in time、Decisive disposal。Create a loyal and clean high -quality professional cadre team,Establish a sound assessment incentive system,Caring for grassroots cadres, especially in difficult areas, cadres,Inspired cadres for aggressive、Bold pioneering、Drama as。

Li Qiang said in his speech,Study and understand carefully、In -depth implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important speech,Focus on both the big place,Putting the western development into the overall situation of Chinese -style modern construction、Coordinated advancement; starting from the details,According to the endowment conditions of various places、Development potential and other differences,Adactions to local conditions、Category Dharma。To be based on characteristic advantages,Cultivate more growth pole growth belt that drives regional development,Build a national ecological security barrier,Improve the development capabilities of special types of regions,Coordinate the resolution and stable development of local debt risk。Expand opening to the outside world,Actively connect with other regional strategies in China,Actively integrate into the international cycle,Enhance the development of power in the west。

Ding Xuexiang said in his speech,We must study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech,Full、Accurate、Comprehensive implementation of new development concepts,Coordinated high -quality development and high -level protection,Promoting the development of the West to a new level。Deligo it to maintain the national ecological security signal,Strengthen ecological protection and repair,Improve the diversity of ecosystems、Stability、persistent。Continue to fight in -depth pollution prevention and control campaign,Persevere precision、Science、Treatment of pollution according to law,Constantly improving the quality of ecological environment。Accelerate the development method of green low carbon transformation,Develop new productivity for the development of local conditions,Actively and steadily promotes carbon peak carbon neutralization。

Li Ganjie、He Lifeng、Wu Zhenglong、dafabet mobile appMu Hong、Jiang Xinzhi attended the symposium,relevant departments of the central and state organs、About places、Relevant company responsible comrades attended the symposium。