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Shaanxi Land Construction Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Carrying out a collective study of party discipline learning and education

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April 30,Secretary of the Party Committee of dafabet casino mobile appthe Group、Chairman Han Yichang chaired the 4th collective study of the 2024 Party Committee theoretical learning center group,The spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and education around the study and understanding of the learning understanding,Study the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Discussion on in -depth exchanges。Members of the leadership team of the group party committee around learning themes,Combined with the actual work,Exchange speeches。


Meeting to point out,Carry out party discipline study and education in the whole party,It is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core,It is an important task for party building work this year,Is a major event in the party's political life。To improve political standing,Take the lead in learning the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the party's disciplinary construction,From firmly supporting the "two establishment"、Resolutely deepen the height of "two maintenance" to understand the significance of party discipline learning and education,Further enhanced political consciousness、Thought Consciousness、Action Consciousness,firmly unswervingly implement the party's central decision -making deployment and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee。

Meeting requirements,It is necessary to engrave the obedience to the discipline at the heart,Internalization into words and deeds,At any time, in strict accordance with the party's principles、Disciplinary and rules,True iron discipline into dafabet mobile logindaily habits and action criteria; take the lead in maintaining the seriousness and authority of party discipline and party discipline,Strive yourself、Tube tight family、Manage the team,Never step on the red line、Not the bottom line、Do not touch the "high -voltage line",Actively create a positive atmosphere,Provide discipline guarantee for the group's high -quality development。

Conference emphasized,Study can only know the discipline,Mingji talents can keep the discipline,To adhere to the method of combining personal self -study and concentrated learning,Original book、Learn the theme and regulations of the Regulations and regulations in the "Regulations" one by one,To learn deeply、Integration; to use typical cases as a case, virtue、Speaking of the case、Case saying、"Living Text Materials" based on the case,Guide the majority of party members、Cadre inspections、Self -discipline in self -introspection; we must adhere to the "key minority" to drive "most",Highlighting new promotion cadres、Young cadres、Training and education of cadres of key positions; closely combine the development of party discipline learning and education with the group's high -quality development key work,Strive for cracking project construction、Technology Innovation、In the difficulties faced by reform and development,Realizing new breakthroughs、Get new progress,To compose the new chapter of Shaanxi、Strive for the construction of the Western Demonstration contribution。  

The responsible comrades of the departments of the group headquarters attended the meeting.