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The Discipline Inspection Commission of Tongchuan Branch held a collective clean government talks for new cadres before serving

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May 7,The Discipline Inspection Commission of Tongchuan Branch organized new cadres to convene a collective clean government talk meeting,and carry out the discipline and regulations of the integrity party。

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Will on the way,New cadres collectively studied the newly revised "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",I made a statement in turn,Signed a letter of commitment to the party's style and clean government。Meeting requirements,We must continue to strengthen theoretical armed forces,Always understand the thoughts of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Together with the true faith of true school,Build the foundation of faith。We must strictly adhere to political discipline and political rules,Constantly improving political ability,Plan to promote the implementation of work,Improve the ability of the officer entrepreneurial。To closely combine party discipline study and education,Study in the "Regulations",Active learning、Strengthening Knowledge、Mingji、Strict discipline,Really internalize dafabet mobile appthe heart、Externalization,Awe of Awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line。To persist in leading the example、Under the above rate,Consciously accept supervision,Resolutely implement the group's various decision -making deployment and branch work arrangements,Taking the effectiveness of practical performance as the promotion of the high -quality development of the branch to show a new and larger actions。