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Shaanxi Land Construction Group Party Committee Liech、Simultaneous development of party discipline education and education reading class

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Recently,Unified arrangements according to the party committee of the party committee of the group,The Group's Party Committee held a party discipline education and reading mobileclass,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions for party discipline learning and education,Careful studying the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations),Education guidance of party members and cadres to learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Effectively strengthen the discipline concept and rules of party members and cadres,Further promotes the group discipline and education of the whole group。


Reading class,Invite Professor Li Xiaoyan Li Xiaoyan, the Department of Science and Socialism of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee (Shaanxi Academy) of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee (Shaanxi Academy), to carry out the theme of "Carrying out Party discipline education and education and strengthening discipline consciousness".,Training is uniformly organized in the form of video,Group headquarters set up a main venue,Each second -level unit has a branch venue,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Supervisor Jian Liang hosted。Professor Li Xiaoyan around the revised background、Purpose and requirements system interpretation and in -depth interpretation of the newly revised "Regulations",Let all students have more comprehensive requirements and requirements for the main purpose and regulations of the Regulations、Specific、Delivery and understanding。

The headquarters of the group headquarters (deputy) and members of the grassroots party committees conduct collective learning at their respective work residents,Reading class passes special counseling、Concentrated learning、Personal self -study、A mobilecombination of exchange discussion,Persist in reading "Regulations",Combined with the actual work of the group,In -depth exchanges and discussions on the content of the "Regulations",Form a strong learning atmosphere。Everyone said unanimously,To take party discipline learning and education as an opportunity to improve self,Print the obedience to the discipline in my heart,It is effectively and effectively promoted by the actual work of the group's work、No discounted implementation,Further condenses the spirit of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship and new forces for unity,Provide a strong guarantee for the Group's high -quality development。

Shaanxi Land Construction Group Party Committee will carry out party discipline learning and education,Guide all party members and cadres to pay great attention to the discipline、To grasp it in Zhiji、The boundaries are clear in Mingji、Acting for the order in the absence of discipline,Continuously enhanced political fixed force、Disciplinary Determination、Moral fixation and resistance to corruption。Next,Shaanxi Land Construction Group Party Committee will also talk about discipline party lessons、Carry out theme party day activities、Holding a special lecture and other methods,Promote the full coverage of party discipline learning and education.,Guide all party members and cadres to consciously internalize the discipline of iron into daily habits and consciously follow,Use real development and effectiveness to test the results of party discipline learning and education,Provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for promoting the development of the group's various undertakings。