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[Shaanxi Daily] Do "physical examination" for the soil

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Reporter Zhang Meiwen/Picture

"Soil is one of the most important natural resources on the earth。It not only provides the foundation for the plant,It also has an important impact on environmental quality and human health。”

"The effects of factors such as human activities and environmental changes,The quality of the soil environment is facing severe challenges。Launch soil census,Detection of soil quality,For the protection of soil resources、Maintaining ecological balance and human health is important。”


Recently,dafabet mobile appStudents from several primary and secondary schools from Xi'an experience the process of soil census,"Physical Examination" for the soil,Many students also wrote their understanding of soil and soil census in the notebook。

This is a time by Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group、Xinhua · Dongfang Jiahe Labor Education Practice Base and Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Biological Agricultural Research Institute jointly organized,Divided into two stages: sampling survey of soil outflows and soil sample detection and analysis。

May 9,137 students came to the Fuping Middle School Test Base of the Fortune Engineering Technology Research Institute of the Land of Land,Participate in soil science salon、Sample survey of soil outflows、Science popularization activities such as sample preparation test,Learn to soil census related scientific knowledge,and experience the scientific research process of soil testing under the guidance of experts。

In the inquiry activity of the first stage,Provincial Institute of Biological Agriculture、Experts from the Provincial Land Construction Land Engineering Technology Research Institute explained the ins and outs of the soil census section,Analyze the structure and nature of the soil section。Through these explanations,Students better understand the connotation of soil science,Aware of the major practical significance of carrying out soil census。

After that,Expert、Teachers Organize students to go to Haybo Beach,Strictly follow the cloth point、Clear Table、Dig pits、Sampling、Mixed sample、Shin sample、Weight and other links of division of labor cooperation,Completion of the sampling survey of the soil foreign industry。After the sampling survey of the soil out of the soil,They send the collected soil samples to the preparation center for air -drying,Complete the work of the first stage of the soil census。

During this time,The third national soil census was in full swing in the country。Scientific inquiry activities of soil census allows primary and secondary mobileschool students to have more in -depth understanding of soil and soil census。

"Experience soil census,Mind Land Safety 'themes to carry out soil census scientific inquiry activities,The purpose is to promote soil census,Popular science soil knowledge,Guide students to establish environmental concepts,Improve their understanding and understanding of the soil ecosystem,Cultivate their practical ability and scientific literacy。"Sun Xubo, director of the Institute of Land Engineering and Technology, the Institute of Land Engineering and Technology, said,"This soil census scientific inquiry activity,It is a rare social practice for students,They are all participating in soil census for the first time。I believe through this activity,Children will have a new understanding of the scientific research of the soil。”

May 14,Students according to the requirements of different detection indicators,Preparation of the collected soil sample。After completing the basic experimental assessment,They bring these soil samples to the laboratory to test,and record the detection data one by one。

"Dialogue scientists,Full Process Experience the third national soil census work,Systematic learning standard experiment operation,Participate in sample detection in the laboratory,Home、School、Base linkage to complete soil census,Is the highlight of this event。"Sun Xubo said,"In this event,Students show their interest in soil testing and enthusiasm for environmental sciences。They have raised many inquiry issues on the test process and possible results,Also let us see the power of scientific popularization! "

"Organic integration of national basic science engineering and youth science education,Is an innovation of this event。We hope to pass such activities,Teaching scientific knowledge、Scientific methods at the same time,Let students deeply understand the method of agricultural scientific research,Stimulated their interest in agricultural scientific research。"Li dafabet mobile loginBo, deputy director of the Provincial Institute of Biological Agriculture, said。

Soil Census Scientific Inquiry Exploration,Students participating in the event show a wonderful scientific inquiry report,and obtained the honorary certificate of "Little Soil Census Researcher"。

"Through this activity,We personally practice the truth and pragmatic、Strict scientific methods。Sample samples from foreign industries to soil effective phosphorus、Quick Effect Potassium、organic matter detection,Social practice brings me a lot of new experiences、New harvest。"Li Yinuo, a student of experimental elementary school in Xi'an High -tech Zone。