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Construction of the Party Committee of the Institute of Survey and Planning Institute for the joint organization of red movie viewing activities

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Recently,Construction of the Party Committee of the Survey and Planning Institute and the Land Construction Real Estate Group Party Committee jointly organized party members to watch the movie "Shen Jilan"。

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The movie tells that Shen Jilan adheres to Xigou、Heart rural、Love farmers、Performing duties due to duties,The life story of the life of the "Republic" winner from an ordinary family woman,Fully showed and praised Comrade Shen Jilan's not forgetting the original heart、Keep in mind the mission,Vividly interpreted an excellent Communist Party member loyalty to the party with actual actions、The firm will of loyalty to the people。After watching the movie,Party members have said,To learn and inherit Comrade Shen Jilan's solid performance、The lofty spirit of simple and unwavering,Strengthening the mission、Condensing dafabet mobile loginforgiving forces,Continue to steadily promote the high -quality development of the company's various centers。