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Bidding Announcement (May 27)

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 1、Project Name: Yan'an Cultural Exchange Center boutique hotel house service outsourcing

2、Project location: Yan'an Cultural Exchange Center, Pagoda New District, Pagoda District, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province

3、Contents: Provide Party A's supporting services for Party A according to Party A's requirements; Responsible for the service of the front hall of the hotel、Guest room clean、Cleaning and other related tasks in the public district; responsible for the hygiene cleaning and maintenance of the hotel park; daily management and dispatching of team personnel; other rooms required by Party A。

4. Registration conditions:

1、Have an independent legal person qualification,Other organizations with independent legal person or other organizations established in accordance with the law,and have effective business licenses or other valid certification files。

2、Since January 1, 2021, has similar project performance (based on the contract)。

3. Reputation requirements:

① The applicant must not be listed as the executed person on the "Credit China-China Executive Information Disclosure Network" website;

② Applicants must not be included in the list of serious illegal illegal and dishonest enterprises。

4. This project is not allowed to bid for a consortium.

5、Registration time: May 28, 2024-May 30, 2024,Daily 8: 30-12: 00,14:00-17:30。

6、Registration location: Room 009, No. mobile7, No. 7, Guangtai Road, High -tech Zone, Xi'an City

7、Registration provides information: the original author of the legal person's authorized attorney and the original identity card of the client (attached to the legal person and the copy of the person's ID card with the official seal)、Effective business license for annual inspection (three certificates)、A copy of the performance of similar service projects in the past three years,Credit China-China Performing Information Disclosure Network and the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System has no bad record screenshots,The above information provides a copy and stamped with the official seal of the unit。

eight、Bidding unit: Yan'an Di Nanshan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Nine、Bidding Agency: Shaanxi Guangtai Project Management Consultation Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhang Gong   Tel: 029-87302636