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Leaders at the Shaanxi Fruit Industry Center went to Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company for research

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Recently,Director of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Center Zhao Guangzhu and his party to visit Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company to visit and investigate,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Wang Shuguang participated。

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Shaanxi Fruit Industry Center visited Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company and Shaanuo Fruit Digital Operation Company,Detailed understanding of the company's industrial layout、Digital operation、Smart Fruit Industry Construction, etc.,Around technological innovation、channel development、Supply Chain Construction、Digital empowerment and other aspects conducted in -depth research。Zhao Guangzhu's business philosophy of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company、Industrial layout、Digital operation management、Praise the talent team and development speed。Zhao Guangzhu pointed out,Shaanxi Fruit Industry Corporation must play its own advantages,Focus on key links,Continuous reform and innovation,Seize market opportunities and resource opportunities,Research in fruit education、Smart Fruit Industry、Digital empowerment and other dafabet loginaspects achieved greater results,Become a benchmark company leading the development of the fruit industry in Shaanxi,Injecting new kinetic energy for the high -quality development of the province's fruit industry and the strong province of the fruit industry。

Relevant person in charge of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company participated in the event.