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Bidding Announcement (June 6)

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I. Project name:Shaanxi Shaanxun Industry Development Co., Ltd. Express Service Procurement Project。

2. Project location:Shaanxi Province

3, project overview and competition range:This project is the express mobiledelivery service procurement project of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Development Co., Ltd.,Including ordinary express transportation services and airline express transportation services。

Four, the qualification requirements of the bidder

1. Qualification requirements: Register in accordance with the law in the People's Republic of China、Independent legal person operating legally、Other organizations or branches (the head office and its branches allow only one party to participate in the bid in this project,Branch participating in the bidding provides authorized letters issued by the head office),Have a legitimate and effective business license or business certificate (the business scope must cover related content such as express delivery services)。A valid "Express Business Business License" or "Certificate of File Certificate of Enterprise Branch of an Enterprise of the Expressway"。With valid "Road Transportation Business License"。

2. Financial requirements: The bidder is not disqualified from being canceled or suspended for bid,​​Not in the custody of property、Frozen or bankruptcy status。

3. performance requirements: since January 1, 2022,No less than 3 courier transportation service performance signed by the bidder (provides a copy of the contract or scanned items,Date is subject to the signing time)。

4. Credit requirements: The list of serious illegal and bad credit companies is not included in the list of serious violations of laws and information。Non -Credit China website was included in the list of people who were dishonesty.。Bidders and legal representatives in the past three years have no bribery crimes (must be affiliated with a promising letter)。

5. dafabet casino mobile appThis competition does not accept the bidding of the consortium.

5. Registration

1. Registration time: from June 7, 2024 to June 11, 2024;

2. Registration location: Room 007, 14th floor, No. 7, Guangtai Road, Yanta District, Xi'an;

3. Registration information: Original legal person ID card of the bidding unit (a copy of the attached legal ID card with an official seal) or the legal person's authorized attorney (a copy of the representative and authorized agent ID card)、Annual inspection effective business license (three certificates) or business certification documents、"Express Business Business License" or "Certificate of File Certificate of Enterprise Branch of Enterprises for Courier Business" and "Road Transportation Business License"、Bidder Bank Credit Certificate or Financial Audit Report in the past year、Not less than 3 courier transportation service contracts signed in the past three years,Screenshots of the Credit China Website and the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System。Everyone who intends to participate in the bid,Please be within the registration time,Provide a copy of the above information or scanning parts with an official seal。

6. Contact information

Bidding agency: Shaanxi Guangtai Project Management Consultation Co., Ltd.

Place        Address: 14th Floor, Land Engineering Construction Group, No. 7, Yanta Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City

United   Department   People: Zhang Gong

Electric        Talk: 15191853559


Recruitment: Shaanxi Fruit Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Place    Address: West (Xianyang) Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Bay, High -tech Industrial Development Zone, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

Lianqi: Yan Gong

Electric    Talk: 18629143207