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Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company carried out legal knowledge contest and system contract template seminar

Release date: 2024-06-07 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Niu Haoan Mengkang & NBSP & Nbsp Source: Shaanxi Fruit Industry Corporation & Nbsp & Nbsp Click volume: 1331 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

June 6,Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company organized legal knowledge contest and system contract template seminar。

Civil Code Publicity Month Knowledge Competition Picture 1 (1) .jpg

This knowledge contest covers the General Principles of the Civil Code、contract editor、Marriage and Family Editor、Bringing Responsibility Editor and other important compilations,By combining the competition topic with the popularization of the Civil Code,It has reached the promotion of learning、Purpose of learning for promotion,shows the solid theoretical skills and good spiritual style of cadres and employees。During the period,Participants for the formulation contract for the company's compilation,Examination around the subject qualification、Order Management、Acceptance Terms、Terms of Rights Obligation、Core clauses and other core terms for on -site communication and demonstration,Effectively consolidate learning effectiveness,Effectively improve the standardization of the contract model、Standardized construction level。

"Civil dafabet loginCode Publicity Month" activity,Shaanxi Fruit Industry Corporation continues to innovate propaganda forms,Improve the effectiveness of the law,Make cadres and employees continue to enhance risk prevention awareness,Effectively improve the level of compliance management of the company,Build a barrier to the company's high -quality development。