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Tianjin Intelligent Agricultural Research Institute Industrial Complex Project Third Phase III project main body cap

Release date: 2024-06-21 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhang Heng & nbsp & nbsp Source: Land Construction Comprehensive Company & NBSP & Nbsp Click volume: 1976 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

June 20,Tianjin Intelligent Agricultural Research Institute Industrial Complex project, built by Shaanxi Qin -Jin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.,Successfully press the project to advance the "fast -forward key"。


Tianjin Intelligent Agricultural Research Institute's industrial complex project total construction area4954.73 square meters,It is a key industry innovation project in Jinghai District, Tianjin,It is also a comprehensive company to actively respond to the Group's development of the group's foreign market,Deeper implementationNational Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Coordinated Development Strategy、Specific measures for innovation -driven development strategies and artificial intelligence strategies。Project self​​Since the construction of March 15, 2024,,The project department fully sorted out the construction plan,Decomposition Construction content,Coordinated coordination、Fine deployment,Ahead of Plan、Motor chart combat,inverted construction period、Refine responsibility,Do a good job of effective connection in all links, mobilePowerful promotion of construction production,Implementation of the project subjectSprint95 dayssmoothCover,laid a good foundation for the next stage of construction,More engineering delivery provides a strong guarantee。

Construction Company Decision,Stare for the target task,Accelerate the progress of key project construction,Enhance the quality and efficiency of construction in all directions,Promote the Group's high -quality development to take a more solid step。