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Shaanxi Land Construction Group participated in the third national soil census section of the country in Shaanxi Province to survey and sampling technology training

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June 22,Shaanxi Province Soil Census Office organized the third national soil census section survey and sampling technology training。Relevant technical personnel in the Soil Survey Office of Chang'an District、Group Code Technology Leader、Shaanxi Province in Shaanxi Province in 2024 New holding of licenses and profile technical leaders participated in training。

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This training is held in the form of concentrated teaching on the spot。Training invites Researcher Zhang Xingchang, the leader of the sampling expert group of Shaanxi Province,,Provincial Experts Pu Diao and Researcher Zheng Jiyong gave on -site lectures,The connotation and type of the soil section in a simple way、Foreign positioning and settings at the preset section point、Establishment of land condition surveys explained the positioning selection of soil section and how to dig the soil profile、Repair、Take pictures、Observation、Judgment、Description、Sampling and other key links。On -site practical exercise stage,The Group's Federation Technology Leader is divided into dafabet loginthree groups,Three representative soil section of the selection of the theoretical learning and practical practice。

This training,Further improved the ability of the technical leader of the soil census section of the Shaanxi Province,Provides strong technical support for the overall opening of the foreign industry survey and sampling work。