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Shaanxi Land Construction Group and Shaanxi Provincial State Office successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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June 25,Shaanxi Land Construction Group and Shaanxi Provincial Defense dafabet loginMobilization Office signed a strategic cooperation agreement。


Secretary of the Party Group of the National Acting Office of Shaanxi Province、Director Zeng Ming,The Party Committee Secretary of the Group、Chairman Han Yichang,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、General Manager Tang Hongjun,Nie Zhiquan, a second -level inspector at the State Power Office of Shaanxi Province, attended the signing ceremony。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Supervisor Xun Liang and members of the party group of the State Action Office of Shaanxi Province、Deputy Director Li Jun signed a contract on behalf of both parties。


At the signing ceremony,Zeng Ming's land remediation of Shaanxi Land Construction Group、Excellent achievements in scientific research innovation and other aspects have given high evaluation。He emphasized,The Provincial National Power Office and the ground building group have a wide range of cooperation foundations and space,I hope to further deepen communication and cooperation in the future,Constantly improving the level and level of strategic collaboration between the two parties,Solid the construction of national defense mobilization in the province,Together, "Paid the new chapter of Shaanxi、Fight for the Western Demonstration "to add glory。Han Yichang expressed his gratitude to the trust and support given by the Provincial State Power Office。He said,Building the Group Group deeply feels glorious mission、Dawn of responsibility,I will take this contract as an opportunity in the future,Give full play dafabet casino mobile appto the group's funds、Technology、Talent、Scientific research and other resource advantages,Fully realize the full range of the provincial national movement office、In -depth cooperation of full chain,Focus on creating military -civilian integration、Government and Enterprise Cooperation、Successful model of development in hand。

Both partiesConsistencyRepresents,In the future, it will be complementary through resource integration and advantages,Planning in people in the province、Engineering construction and technical services、"Pingyu Two -purpose" public infrastructure construction、Urbanization development and construction、Comprehensive development investmentLand scientific research and technical services to deepen cooperationCommonHelpThe defense mobilization cause and economic society of Shaanxi ProvinceHigh -quality development


Before the signing ceremony,Zeng Ming and his party visited the group's "Enter the Entering the Earth" exhibition hall、Basic Experimental Center and Digital Intelligent Management Center of Large Projects。

Shaanxi Land Construction Group Party Committee Office、Legal Audit Department、Market Expansion Department、Quality Technology Department、Guangtai Consulting Company、Civil Defense Design Institute,Shaanxi Provincial State Acting Office Secretariat、Comprehensive Coordination Office、Engineering Department、Asset Office、Quality Technology Center participated in the signing ceremony。