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Shaanxi Land Construction Group held a warning education meeting and a special party lesson

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June 28,Group held a warning education meeting and a special party lesson,In -depth study of General dafabet casino mobile appSecretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening the party's discipline construction,Convey the spirit of the warning education conference of the province and the provincial state -owned assets system。Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Han Yichang lectured on party discipline education special party lessons。


The meeting notified the group investigation and handling of the group in recent years, and two serious violations of discipline and laws and warning lessons,Watch the warning education film。Meeting to point out,Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping has published a series of important discussions around the comprehensive strengthening of the party's discipline construction,To strengthen the construction of the party in the new era、Promoting the party's self -revolution indicates the direction of progress。Deep understanding of discipline strictness is the essential attributes and internal requirements of Marxist parties,is to promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party、Strong guarantee for accelerating the high -quality development of the group,Perseverance to build a bright direction with discipline、Story rules、Positive atmosphere、Strong immunity,To better play the role of comprehensive and strictly governing the party's political leadership and political guarantee。


Conference emphasized,Leading cadres at all levels of the group should raise political standing,Strengthening ideological understanding,Fully understand the significance of strengthening the party's disciplinary constructionLearn from profound learning, answer the first heart"Six Questions",Really remembers the obedience and regulations to the heart of the heart,Six discipline,Actively calculate the "seven accounts",Strengthen self -constraint,Improve immunity,Always be loyal and cleanTo keep the discipline ahead,Build a solid base,Grasp the righteousness and anti -corruption、Normal supervision and management of cadres、Create responsibility as a continuous force in the atmosphere,Normal development talk、Warning education,Promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party to develop in depth with strict discipline。

Meeting requirements,Party organizations at all levels of the group must consolidate their thoughts and actions to the Party Central Committee's decision -making deployment and the Provincial Party Committee、The work requirements of the party committee of the group are coming,With greater strength、More practical moves、higher standards to comprehensively promote party discipline learning and education deeply。To be persistent, righteousness, anti -corruption,Perseverance to promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party to deeply advance,Efforts to hand over high -quality development excellent transcripts,To compose the new chapter of Shaanxi、Fight for the construction of the Western Demonstration contribution。

Members of the group leadership team and all middle -level cadres attended the meeting.