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The Party Committee of Ankang Branch organized the theme of the theme of the party history

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June 26,Organization of the Party Committee of Ankang Branch First,The second party branch watch the record of the party history record "Our July"。

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Movie with the Battle of Meceroma as the background,It tells the secrets led by Gao Zengyue to enter the national army occupation area,Under the situation of 140 Wili in a row,The PLA soldiers were sacrificed without fear、The spirit of heroic fighting completely shatter the "Huma Alliance",Story of opening the prelude to the Northwest decisive battle。During the movie viewing process,Each employee of the branch is tough when the revolutionary martyrs are facing a desperate situation and the pursuit of the persistence of ideals and beliefs。

After the movie viewing is over,Employees are difficult to calm down,Unanimously indicates that inheriting and carrying forward the revolutionary predecessors face difficulties、The fearless spirit of bravely move forward。Don’t forget dafabet mobile appthe original mission,Based on my job,Do you realize what you feel、The strong kinetic energy of what I want to be turned into a business entrepreneurial。