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Shaanxi Land Construction Group system launches the "July 1" series of activities

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 On the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,To further enhance the cohesion of the party organization、Battlepower,Promote the spirit of the great party,Inheritance Red Gene,Stimulate patriotism,Shaanxi Land Construction Group system launches the "July 1" series of celebrations,Inspiring party members and cadres self -confidence、Shouzheng Innovation、踔、Yongxing forward,Use the responsibility to interpret the original heart、Practice the envoy with hard work,constantly condensing the majestic power of unity and forge ahead。

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The Party Committee of Yan'an Branch organized party members and cadres to Liangjiahe Village,Under the solemn party,Everyone in line,Read the party oath,The words are full of loyalty and dafabet loginbeliefs for the party。Subsequent,Introduction to the interpreter,Party members visit educated Qingjing、Liangjiahe Village History Museum,Looking at the old residence of educated youth,Pursue red footprint,In -depth understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping took root in the people when he was in Liangjiahe,communication with the people、Struggle experience connected by blood veins,Deeply feel the feelings of the general secretary's sincere family country and the work style that is practical。


Weibei Branch Second Party Branch and Old Moxiang Government、The Ban Mao Village Committee carried out the theme party day of the "same belief and the same birthday" in Anle Village, Old Mo Township。By revive the oath of joining the party、Collective "Political Birthday",enhanced the sense of political belonging of all party members,Further promotion of party discipline learning and education deeply。During the period,The project department also discussed and exchange with the old Moxiang Party Committee on the key tasks of the land improvement project of Banmao Village,Further promote the deep integration of party building and production。


The Party Committee of the Party Committee of Tongchuan Branch and the Party Committee of the Local Construction Research InstituteGo toXianyang Clean Government Education Base—— Sanyuan Family Style Museum Carry out a clean government warning education。In the event,Party members visited the warning education museum andIntegrity Education MuseumSeriously listened to the deeds of the integrity of the ancestors,Strict and comprehensive party physical examination,And in a solemn atmosphere, he returns to the party oath。Subsequent,Everyone organizes the "Science and Technology Empowerment Innovation Driven" high -quality development academic exchange symposium,Surrounded by land engineering、Scientific Research Innovation、New productive forces、High -standard farmland and other contents and main business make special academic reports and conduct in -depth exchanges and discussions。

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Construction of the company's party committee organized party members and cadres to go to Lantian County's Qiyuan Revolutionary Memorial Hall to carry out "relieving dafabet loginred history、Inheritance spirit "theme party day event。History pictures displayed by party members and cadres carefully visited the History Revolutionary Memorial Museum、Historical relics、Historical Literature,Listen to the fighting story of the singing and crying,and revisit the oath of the party。

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The Party Committee of the Shangluo Branch and the Group's village work team jointly cooperated with Shangnan County to Congfenglou Town Shuigou Village Party Branch to carry out the "abide by the beginning、Strong Party、Allied Communist Construction、Qing July 1 "theme party day event。During the event,The Mizou Village Standardized Party Member Activity Room donated by the Shangluo Branch is officially transferred,The first party branch of Shangluo Branch signed a pair of co -construction agreement with Shuigou Village Party Branch。


The Party Committee of Ankang Branch organized all employees to carry out "Welcome to Seventh 1、Oath words、Yan Party Discipline、Strong Party Sexual "theme activity。In the event,All party members are oaths in the bright and warm party under the bright red party,and watched the short film "What Written on the Party Flag" and the party history documentary "The Red Pass of the Party",Further deepening the concept and discipline consciousness of everyone's party spirit,Stimulated everyone's enthusiasm and power for life for the party and the people's cause。


The Party Committee of the Hanzhong Branch organized party members and cadres to go to the Hanzhong Museum to carry out the "Revisit General Secretary Come to Shaanxi  Learn to implement Xi Jinping's cultural thought "theme party day activity。In the event,Party members, cadres and employees along the footsteps of General Secretary Xi Jinping,Enter the Hanzhong City Museum,Orderly visited cultural monuments such as "Ancient Hantai", "Shimen Thirteen Products", "Slimming Ancient Filers", "Jingwuchi"。Visit through field、Listening to explanation、Trace traceability and other methods,Slightly experience the deep historical and cultural heritage and characteristic cultural charm of Hanzhong,Deeply realize that General Secretary Xi Jinping's deep thoughts on the people and the entrustment of Yin Yin's order to guard the Chinese style。


Guangtai Consulting Company Party Committee and the Provincial National Power Office Party Committee、Engineering Department、The Party Branch of Quality Technology Center and the Civil Defense Design Institute went to Fuping County to carry out "Pursuing Red Seal,Practice the original mission "theme party day activity。In the former residence of Xi Zhongxun,All party members and cadres learned that Comrade Xi Zhongxun had Gao Yuan,Hearts,State of the mind,Use his glory life to confirm the high evaluation of Comrade Mao Zedong's high degree of evaluation。At Xi Zhongxun Memorial,Introduction to the Revolution of Comrade Xi Zhongxun through the interpreter,Looking back on his establishment for New China、Construction and reform and opening up excellent merit,A close range of the brilliant journey of the proletarian revolutionaries such as Xi Zhongxun and other generations of proletarian revolutionaries,Deep understand "The people are Jiangshan,Jiangshan is the meaning of the people "。