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Anchoring "High -quality" stabilizes "compressing stone"

Shaanxi Land Construction Group held the fourth phase of high -quality development small lectures

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Recently,Shaanxi Land Construction Group's fourth phase of high -quality development small lecture hall is successfully held in Nanshan (Xi'an) Hot Spring Hotel。The Party Committee Secretary of the Group、Chairman Han Yichang gave a theme lecture on the high -quality development of the modern hotel industry,and interact with 40 front -line cadres and workers。


Han Yanchang said to the participants to come to dafabet casino mobile appthe group's modern hotel industry for ten years of development,Introduce how the building hotels are found in the tide of the times、Shape brand、Anchor advantage、Win word of mouth。Han Yichang said,Past,Instead of penetration in the hotel industry in state -owned enterprises、Investment enthusiasm is not high、In the case of insufficient profitability,Shaanxi Land Construction Group seized the demand of the local area for the living room and the "store" outside the city,Actively explore hotel business,Realize resource replacement through investment hotels、Get project support,Modern hotel industry came into being。During ten years,Group with its own capital pressure、Comprehensive strength and other advantages,Adhere to the self -investing high -standard hotel,Successfully build the "Building Nanshan" brand hotel。Current,The Group puts it into operation of 17 boutique hotels,With the gradual upgrade of the hotel's hardware facilities、Steady service quality,"Construction of Nanshan" word of mouth continues to expand。Especially recent,"Nanshan" hotel is designated as a designated service guarantee unit for high -standard conferences,Get highly praised by governments at all levels,EnoughExplain that the opportunity is for those who are prepared, furtherIt shows that the construction hotel is helping Shaanxi's economic development,Active role in improving the local business environment,It also proves that the hotel as an important fixed asset of the group,It has become the group's high -quality development stones。


Han Yichang pointed out,Modern hotel industry belongs to the service industry,It is also the only industry that is closely related and indispensable in the three major industries of the group,It is an industry that requires meticulous care and excellent service,Hotel work opportunities、Challenge more,Employee working abilityCan get a good exercise,So,Hotels will become an important platform for the group dafabet loginto train cadres,Strongly sharpened a group of officers' strong ability、young cadres with fine business technology。At the same time,Modern Hotel Industry also builds a group extended industrial chain、Expand the new project、Get new resources、Basic guarantee for improving influence,Hotels should strengthen industrial cooperation,Find the business fit point with other industries of the group,Cooperate with the development of local regional industries,Digging local profitable projects,Constantly enriching business ecology,Better integration into the overall situation of local economic development,Continuous contribution to the Group's high -quality development。

Han Yichang systematically analyzes the current hotel development plan and business status,For hotel operation philosophy、Brand upgrade、Service Standard、Facilities optimization、Specific requirements for cost reduction and efficiency and efficiency。Han Yichang request: To build major hotels to adhere to brand tone,Accelerate digital upgrade,Implement digital order、Digital guest room service, etc.,To achieve low cost、Low price、Low manpower operation,High level of facilities,High level of service;,Actively use big data screening and analysis,Dives of preferential policies,Improve in government affairs、Business、Attraction among short -term tourists; pay attention to hardware construction and details,House facilities should be updated in time,Public areas should always be neat and beautiful,Meals should be high -quality and characteristic,Make guests feel the intimate care of the hotel in each detail; to achieve standardized management,While strictly abide by the relevant national standards,Develop a standard management system that meets the characteristics of the group hotel,Refined standard content,Improve the overall management level,Achieve sustainable development of the hotel。

During the dafabet mobile appperiod,Han Yichang and the participants around the brand positioning、Publicity promotion、Marketing Innovation、Business integration and other hotel operations to interact with interactive work。Han Yichang pointed out the direction of the future development of the hotel,More employees are full of confidence and expectations for the future of the hotel。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union Li Rui attended.