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Yan'an Branch held a special study meeting for hotel planning and operation

Release date: 2024-07-05 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Panting & nbsp & nbsp Source: Yan'an Branch & nbsp & nbsp Click volume: 1279 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

Recently,Yan'an Branch held a special meeting,Drives the spirit of the high -quality development of the learning group (fourth phase) spirit,Discuss the high -quality development path of the modern hotel industry。

The meeting detailed the party committee secretary of the group、Chairman Han Yichang's speech on the high -quality lecture hall of the modern hotel industry,and the development context of the modern hotel industry、Business Status、The core concept and future plan have been comprehensive and in -depth interpretation。

Meeting requirements,Branch cadres, staff, and cadres must deeply understand the spiritual essence of the 4th lecture hall,Effectively improve the standardization of the development planning and management of modern hotel industry、Standardized understanding,Relying on the company's industrial layout,Deep digging market potential,Small incision radiation company in the hotel industry develops a large effect。At the same time,All members of the branch must be the same for the same mobiledirection、The same frequency resonance,Consciously integrate personal growth into the overall development of the group、Company Development Rent。Everyone said unanimously,Strive to transform the learning results into practical action,Innovative thinking,Practical style、Perform efficiently,In order to promote the high -quality development of the Group's modern hotel industry。