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Building a comprehensive company to carry out the summer "cooling" series of activities

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Recently,To do a good job of work safety and summer heatstroke cooling,Building a comprehensive company in -depth key project construction front -line positions to carry out "enthusiastic summer,Send cooling at the site,Cool a summer,Safe Construction "" Summer Send Cool Security,A series of activities for "Gunning Gathering Strong"。


Comprehensive company visited the Jianjian · Global Center andConstruction Nanshan (Xi'an) Hot Spring HotelProject,Publish mineral water for front -line employees and construction workers、Huoxiang Zhengqi Water、Herbal tea and other heatstroke cooling supplies,and stick to their posts in high temperature and heat、Delivery Payment expresses sincere admiration and thank you,Instruct everyone to raise awareness of safety,Labor and Yi combination,While doing a good job,Pay attention to heatstroke prevention dafabet mobile loginand cooling and self -protection。