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Spring Answer -the Achievement Show of Nanshan Garden Project

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From the beginning of the spring flowers, the grass is plucking,

The most romantic season on the site,

hidden in the gentle spring breeze.

Blue sky and white clouds, green trees warm sun,

Faint floral fragrance, permeated in the air,

A vibrant everywhere.

When the warm sun wakes up the sleeping earth,

When cherry trees bulge the first bud,

Nanshan Garden Project Department has been full of spring,

Let's enter the construction site together,

Appreciate the "spring farming" drawing drawn by the builders.

Nanshan Garden Zhengnan Gate is dignified and beautiful

Internal landscape, unique style

Landscape overlooking, vitality

The diameter of the song is quiet, the bamboo leaves are gradually green

Building design, excellence

Sports facilities, gradually improve

Children's amusement, colorful

Road landscape, unique

Mo Langchun Daying Time

Get up the sleeve and cheer

Construction of the builders of the real estate group company

It is turning the beautiful vision in my heart into a forced force

Efforts to build a brand characteristic project

Practice, work hard

Written "Spring Answers"