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Sanmenxia Reservoir District (Huayin section) Land improvement and modern high -efficiency agricultural fast model research and practice

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Tentile person in charge:Han Yanchang

Source:Group project

Project funds: 1.6 million yuan

Research content:For current land remediation construction、Light utilization and the real problem of the development of the three farmers,In a comprehensive analysis of Sanmenxia Reservoir District (Huayin Section) Nature、Society、Ecological basis,Relying on Huayin Farm Water Destruction Land Finishing Project and Beach Development Project along the Weihe River along Huayin City,Discuss the rapid development model of modern agriculture based on land remediation。

Get results:International advanced level。(Shaanxi soft word [2011] No. 8),Get2012The second prize of the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award.